Caps Use Their ‘Day With The Stanley Cup’ to Promote Youth Hockey

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By Buster Williams
Contributor, DCpuckDrop

The Washington Capitals have had quite a memorable summer, traveling the globe to celebrate the franchise’s first Stanley Cup title. Fans and neutrals alike have enjoyed watching the festivities unfold. Arguably the best part of the whole experience stems from one of the greatest traditions in all of sports – the day with the Stanley Cup. Each year, every member of the Stanley Cup winning team gets to take the Cup for a day, to celebrate in any way they see fit. In years past, we have seen the Stanley Cup take boat rides, go for swims, party at nightclubs, and it has even been used in a baptism.

Capitals Supporting the Kids

This year, the Washington Capitals have certainty taken the Stanley Cup to its fair share of parties. However, once the “days with the Cup” kicked off, the overwhelming objective was to support youth hockey and other children’s groups. Below are just a few examples of Caps’ players or coaches taking the Cup to youth groups around the world:

DC Hockey Interest Soars

It’s inspiring to see so many members of the organization use their platform to support others. This group was special on the ice, and that has continued even without the skates. The Capitals certainty don’t owe this to anyone, but their kind acts may do wonders for the continued growth of hockey. There is, without question, more interest in hockey in the D.C. area than ever before, and that trend will likely continue as so many children have been able to partake in such a remarkable experience.

Hats off to the Washington Capitals, for taking notice of the support they have received, and their willingness to give back to the community. This journey should be used as a model for franchises moving forward. Worldwide fans are surely proud of their team.

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Buster was born and raised in Southern Maryland and is a lifelong D.C. sports fan. He has always had a passion for writing and discussing sports, so being able to discuss the Caps on a daily basis is a truly a pleasure. Buster graduated from the University of Maryland with a degree in Economics and has an amazing wife and two beautiful daughters who keep him on his toes every day.